QuietMelodies is now open!

15 06 2009


As many of you might already know, the new portal is finally open!!!!!  I am so sorry that it has taken so long to happen, but I do hope you find it worth the wait.  Some of the new features you will be able to enjoy are being able to message any member & being able to post your own favorites.  There will also be a forum added so that requests and such can be made there.  Eventually hope to in essence mirror this blog there and of course have new content available.  The new music available should be substantially more than here as there will be multiple people posting =-).  Please stop by and join your NEW home for QuietMusic – www.quietmelodies.com!

David Arkenstone – Quest Of The Dream Warrior

12 02 2009

cover4David Arkenstone – Quest Of The Dream Warrior
MP3 @ 192 Kbps VBR | 51:57 min | 1995 | 58.8 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Quest of the Dream Warrior is an album by David Arkenstone, released in 1995. It is the second album in a trilogy that begins with In the Wake of the Wind and concludes with Return of the Guardians. The album is based on a fantasy story by Arkenstone and Mercedes Lackey that appears in the booklet. The album also comes with a fold-out map of the world in which the story is set. Three tracks contain vocals by Arkenstone: “Prelude: Tallis the Messenger,” “The Voice,” and “Road to the Sea.” As with many David Arkenstone albums, the music often has an epic, cinematic feel and blends New Age, Rock, and World Music elements.

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David Lanz & David Arkenstone – Convergence

28 01 2009

arkenstone-lanz-convergence-folderDavid Lanz & David Arkenstone – Convergence
MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 53:41 min | 80.8 MB | 1996 | 10% Recovery Record

These compositions from the team of David Arkenstone and David Lanz were previously spread out over eight separate albums, and are collected together here for the first time.

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David Arkenstone, Kostia and David Lanz -The Spirit of Olympia

28 01 2009

olympia-frontDavid Arkenstone, Kostia and David Lanz -The Spirit of Olympia
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 1:00:3 min | 107 MB | 1992 | 10% Recovery Record

The Spirit of Olympia is an album by David Arkenstone and Kostia, with David Lanz, released in 1992. It is a celebration of the Olympic games and incorporates several musical styles from around the world.

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