Raphael & Kutira – Like An Endless River

23 03 2009

raphael-kutira-like-an-endless-riverRaphael & Kutira – Like An Endless River
MP3 @ 224 Kbps | 58:39 min | 1994 | 103 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Like An Endless River, is a another release in the Oceanic Tantra series. It allows “”a way to explore sexuality through rituals, music, trance dance, theater, and individual creative expression. . .””
Tracks are lovingly to the point: the opener, “”Invocation,”” sets a respectful tone in a calling of the Mother Goddess with chants, drums, and ancient African instruments. “”Intimacy”” and “”Divine Passion”” are next, using violin, flute, guitar, and ultimately the tabla tarong.
“”Opening of the Heart”” is the soundtrack for “”bringing sexual energy to the heart,”” with harp and drums led by NYC “”urban shaman”” vocalist Serpentine. “”Liberation”” and the title track utilize more of the tabla tarong, harp, and flutes, as well as the Native American drum. “”The Temple”” and “”From Deep Within”” round out the recording, grounding the listener and enabling him or her to muse over the messages and impressions imparted in the previous tracks. Drummers from Gabrielle Roth’s group, the Mirrors, are guests. Tantra is called the “”path of the heart,”” and Like An Endless River represents some of the infinite energy that can be experienced and replenished on that journey.

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