QuietMelodies is now open!

15 06 2009


As many of you might already know, the new portal is finally open!!!!!  I am so sorry that it has taken so long to happen, but I do hope you find it worth the wait.  Some of the new features you will be able to enjoy are being able to message any member & being able to post your own favorites.  There will also be a forum added so that requests and such can be made there.  Eventually hope to in essence mirror this blog there and of course have new content available.  The new music available should be substantially more than here as there will be multiple people posting =-).  Please stop by and join your NEW home for QuietMusic – www.quietmelodies.com!


Rawat, Daya & John Adorney – River Of Breath

10 03 2009

john-adorney-river-of-breathRawat, Daya & John Adorney – River Of Breath
MP3 @ 128 Kbps | 43:40 min | 2002 | 43.7 MB | 10% Recovery Record

This fountain of life is flowing inside you.  This river of breath runs through you.

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John Adorney – Waiting For The Moon

25 01 2009

00093b49John Adorney – Waiting For The Moon
MP3 @ 320 Kbps VBR | 39:26 min | 96.9 MB | 2004 | 10% Recovery Record

John Adorney employs guitar and unique instrumentation over smoothly sculpted beats to create deeply resonant songs that bespeak triumph and positivity. Daya, a vocalist Adorney has known since she was nine years old, figures prominently on the album. “Always,” “Waiting for the Moon,” and album closer “Mavoh Mavoh” (which means I love you from eternity to eternity) feature Daya’s emotive vocals, helping to place the music in a different realm. The other standout is “The River’s Secret,” in which tamboura and English horn wind around each other in a mysterious marriage of sound…

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John Adorney – Trees Of Gold

25 01 2009

012John Adorney – Trees Of Gold
MP3 @ 320 Kbps VBR | 54:54 min | 134 MB | 2006 | 10% Recovery Record

John’s latest release, Trees of Gold, captures the energy and melodic beauty of his previous CDs.  Daya once again provides her magical, luscious  vocals, while on the title track, as well as the beautiful “Yilowe,” she is joined by African vocalist  Marcel Adjibi.

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John Adorney – The Other Shore

25 01 2009

the_other_shore1_origJohn Adorney – The Other Shore
MP3 @ 320 Kbps VBR | 52:05 min | 129 MB | 2001 | 10% Recovery Record

In the stunning follow-up to his debut release, Beckoning, multi-instrumentalist Adorney has created a delightful collage of songs lightly infused with Asian, Eastern and Celtic. Daya Rawat’s multi-dubbed vocals on the infectious title track and “When The Flower Meets The Rain” are reminiscent of Enya’s breakthrough “Orinoco Flow” from Watermark. Also, on the spirited chant of “Kulan Tai Ulam” her layered vocals rise with the world beat crescendo Adorney’s pleasing and melodic songs are gently fashioned on keyboards, with support from guitar, flutes, cello, oboe, horn, light percussion and bass. His guitar shines on the romantic “Thinking Of you” while Rawat’s refrain echoes the title. Chris Bleth’s oboe soars in the darkness of the “Moonbird”. Acoustic guitars and cellos blend together on the contemporary “All In A Moment” instrumental, prior to the ambient space “Entrance.”

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John Adorney – Beckoning

25 01 2009

288948John Adorney – Beckoning
MP3 @ 320 Kbps VBR | 54:12 min | 134 MB | 1998 | 10% Recovery Record

On his debut solo CD, “Beckoning”, John Adorney showcases his unique talents as both a performer and composer on 11 sparkling new tracks. Playing cello, guitar, keyboard and percussion, and joined by guest artists on pennywhistle, bamboo flute and vocals, he combines striking melodies with elegant chord changes and intrinsically pulsating rhythms to create a sound that is inspiring, haunting, evocative and beautiful. The music conveys a richness of feeling, and awakens in the listener a sense of longing as well as the sense of a longing fulfilled.

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