Deep Forest & Enigma – Myth (Chorus of Tribes)

1 04 2009

folder7Deep Forest & Enigma – Myth (Chorus of Tribes)
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 58:52 min | 2000 | 145 MB | 10% Recovery Record

If you ever wised that Deep Forest and Enigma would release a CD together, well your wish as been answered. Almost at least. The sound is so amazingly true to both Enigma’s & Deep Forest’s earlier work, while at the same time the music has evolved to newer sounds. From beginning to end this CD is pure pleasure to the ears. Lullaby has a sound that if unsuspected, one would swear it was Enigma and Deep Forest together. With Enigmatic drum patterns and chimes, and Deep Forest rhythems and vocals, this CD would not disappoint anyone. If you are looking for the sounds of the two groups earlier work, this is the CD for you. At times the music is even better than the original groups. This CD gets an A+

01 – Into Morroco
02 – Inception
03 – LoLo
04 – Rain Song
05 – Ikkijungle
06 – Lullaby
07 – Marakesh
08 – Shackera
09 – Hiyahiahey
10 – Myth
11 – New Dawn

Part 1 | Part 2

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6 responses

1 04 2009

Deep Forest is one of my favorite New Age groups. I intend to post them but you did. Glad to see them here ;)

1 04 2009

@Mr. Neveralone
Great to see you here! Thank you very much for your comments! If you happen to have any other albums by them, that I didn’t post here, could you let me know? I would really like to get the full discography.

2 04 2009

Don’t want to disapoint you, but this is the bootleg. It is neither Enigma no Deep Forest project. This is Chorus of Tribes project. And Myth is the album.

2 04 2009

Yes, I’m aware of that, however, because the sound is so similar to both Enigma & Deep Forest I included it within the Deep Forest section. Hope you don’t mind =-P

10 06 2009

Link is dead

15 06 2009

Hi there and welcome! All new music will be posted over here – Hope you stop by and take a look around =-)

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