Dead Can Dance – Spiritchaser

25 04 2009

00094a00Dead Can Dance – Spiritchaser
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 51:56 min | 1996 | 191 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Listening to Dead Can Dance is a transcendental experience. Enriched with dedications to the living Gaia, their creations subsist in natural and other worldly realms. Initially crafting songs which augmented their Australian roots with Gothic and Renaissance traditions, the group have since grown to encompass a hybrid of global sounds. On Spiritchaser the enchanted souls of founding members Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard shine in this, their most ethereal LP to date. Whereas earlier endeavors succumbed to genres grounded in eras of the past and non-Western present, it’s immediately apparent that this album has loftier aspirations. Hypnotically threaded with traditional and electronic instruments, the exorcism of each song touches upon the universal essence beyond. While Gerrard’s heavenly vocals are used primarily for instrumental effect, Perry’s fertile lyricism both compliments her efforts and expresses the spiritual associations related to the album’s title and meaning. Intrinsically delivered with shamanistic connectivity, the sensations ritualize the modern mortal. (For Monica =-))

01 – Nierika
02 – Song Of The Stars
03 – Indus
04 – Song Of The Dispossessed
05 – Dedicace Outo
06 – The Snake And The Moon
07 – Song Of The Nile
08 – Devorzhum

Part 1 | Part 2

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2 responses

26 04 2009

Downloaded this last night and I’m grooving to it now.
Great stuff!
I may have just found a new favorite band! LOL
For any who might laugh at my last comment, remember when these folks first came out I was still listening to Iron Butterfly & Jim i Hendrix! :^)

27 04 2009

Awesome to hear how much you like Dead Can Dance! Thank you very much for letting us know. Wasn’t positive on how they would be received =-/

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