Ray Lynch – Nothing Above My Shoulders But The Evening

24 04 2009

cover13Ray Lynch – Nothing Above My Shoulders But The Evening
MP3 @ 320 Kbps | 44:20 min | 1993 | 234 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening  was both very difficult to make (even more so than  No Blue Thing) and, at the same time, unique in what it achieved. Many were surprised by its “classicism” (or, more accurately, by its classical structures and lyrical/romantic content). Its title is even more uncompromising than the music and serves, I think, as an analogy. Many, far from merely not understanding the title, can’t even remember it; and some related to the music similarly, that is, without much understanding (the media critics seemed especially puzzled). Fact is, this album is more difficult, more serious and uncompromising, and less accessible than  Deep Breakfast  or  No Blue Thing; in a word, challenging, like the title is challenging. (“Headlessness”, ego-transcendence and the “experience” of consciousness, to which Samraj Adi Da’s beautiful poetic phrase refers, is not automatically grasped by many contemporary minds.) But it is worth the effort in my estimation.  Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening has a musical depth and emotional richness that both summarizes my classical roots and marks the completion of a chunk of my career.

01. Echoes From Ancient Dreams (05:30)
02. The Inner Flame (05:38)
03. A Flower in the Desert (07:37)
04. Heartbeat of the Universe (12:04)
05. Cloudshadows (03:22)
06. So Close – So Far (02:13)
07. The Magic of Spring (05:40)
08. Shine on Full Moon (05:29)
09. Echoes From Ancient Dreams Ii (08:13)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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2 responses

24 04 2009

download right now :)

24 04 2009

Hope you enjoy it! He’s what I would term “Old School” in the New Age world =-). Some of the things he was doing way back in the 80’s are still being done today, and in many cases, not nearly as well as he did them. Pretty amazing stuff =_).

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