Ray Lynch – The Best Of

24 04 2009

ray-lynch-best-of-frontRay Lynch – The Best Of
MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 1:09:10 min | 1998 | 149 MB | 10% Recovery Record

Ray Lynch has quite some talent! This “Best of” CD features 10 of his most loved compositions, plus two brand new tracks and a remix of his most well known piece: “Celestial Soda Pop”.
His music is highly melodic. Foot-tapping stuff indeed! The two new tracks are excellent, and it goes without saying that the other compositions are top-notch. The only surprise is the absence of “Ivory”, a track many regard as Ray’s most beautiful piece.

Ray’s music is hard to describe. He uses a great assortment of instruments and produces a huge range of sounds; some very conventional, other really unusual and original. Everything, however, blends together really well and this is the sort of music you’ll find yourself whistling at work. It’s addictive stuff!

If you enjoy melodic, catchy rhythmic music that’s full of life and energy, you’re sure to enjoy this CD.

Very highly recommended.

01 – Ralph’s Rhapsody
02 – Music Of What Happens
03 – Oh Of Pleasure
04 – Celestial Soda Pop
05 – Clouds Below Your Knees
06 – Vanished Gardens Of Cba
07 – True Spirit Of Mom & Dad
08 – Temple
09 – Her Knees Deep In Your Mind
10 – Kathleen’s Song
11 – Tiny Geometries
12 – Rio Clarifies
13 – Celestial Soda Pop [Remix]

Part 1 | Part 2

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2 responses

15 06 2009

Hi there and welcome! All new music will be posted over here – http://www.quietmelodies.com. Hope you stop by and take a look around =-)

16 06 2009

Thank you and i hope that you can post this album made by Ray Lynch at the new site, and it looks really good. Keep up the excellent work ;)

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